From the author

I am an industrial engineer and I am just shaking my head at the medical profession when I review the medicine and racism surrounding this problem.   According to them it only affects the people from the English Islands and shocking this conclusion is by Englishmen or of English Heritage. 

I think they need to add bio-mechanics as a compulsory course that focuses on physics and the human body.

Anyways, I was 35 years old when I figured out I had Asymetical rhinophyma.  I decided to try out a facial to get rid of the "line on my nose".  The esthetician gave me a salycilic acid peel.  Two days later alot of skin peeled away from the T-zone area of the face.  Then I looked at old photos of myself and it shocked the hell out of me.

I found the solution for the problem from 2 posts on the internet - 1) a review of salycilic acid by Phil Oregan on amazon.com 2) some vague post of a lady getting a phenol peel on her nose and referring to the results as spectacular.

My rhinophymas was probably deeper than Phil's as I did those glycolic acid peels for 5 months straight every 3 days.  Yes it hurt like hell and sometimes I would get drunk before doing them.   Anyways, since I am a web developer I decided to make a website to post my experience.

I also believe that for anyone who is old and wants rhinoplasty - try the cheap $30 acid first and clean your pores