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At it's root the fundamental cause of Rhinophyma is blocked pores which cause the sebaceous glands to go into hypertrophy.   It is simply a plumbing problem where the faucets are blocked.  It only takes a couple of pores to be blocked on the nose to cause deformation.


Rosacea causes the tissue around the pores on the face to thicken.

Example: Bill Clinton, Om Puri, WC Fields, J.P. Morgan

Old Age

As one ages the blocked pores of  a lifetime cause the skin on the nose to thicken.  The term "nose gets larger as you age" is generally just the skin thickening because the sebaceous glands go to hypertrophy.  Usually this is very slight but nevertheless it funds the massive nose job industry for women over 35.

Example: Bill Murray, Tommy Lee Jones, Busta Rhymes


Steroids can cause the sebaceous glands to go in hypertrophy

Example: Ben Johnson

Poor Hygiene

Homeless men of all races exhibit Rhinophyma

Poorly fitted Eye Glasses

Poor fitted glasses that put weight on the cartilage portion of the nose instead of bone  cause the skin to thicken.  It also is a poor hygienic environment because the bottom of the glasses trap oil and dirt and spread it to the nose.