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What you will need

  • Jojoba oil
  • Salicylic acid 30%
  • Glycolic acid 70%
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Baking Soda
  • Dawn Ultra (Dawn cuts through grease!)

Before starting  - test patch behind ear 1 drop of salicylic acid and 1 drop glycolic acid to ensure you are not allergic.  If you are not allergic to aspirin then you shouldn’t be allergic to salicylic acid.

Phase 1 - Dead skin/Ooze extraction

Apply Salicylic acid 30% every 2 minutes (5 layers) for 10 minutes daily on the nose followed by jojoba oil – switch to stage 2 once it starts to really sting hard when you put the acid on or if you want faster results.  Neutralize with cold water mixed with baking soda.

Salicylic acid like aspirin is a an anti-inflammatory.  Your nose will slightly shrink after application.  After 2-4 days your skin will tighten and nose will shrink returning to normal size a few days after peeling. Takes off 1/20 of 1mm of skin permanently.

Stage 2 – Plugs extraction/De-bulking skin

Every 3-4 days – Apply Salicylic acid 30% for 2 minutes followed by glycolic acid 70% for 10-30 minutes .  Apply Salicylic acid 30% at the end for 2 minutes.    Every 10 minutes add another layer of glycolic acid.  At the end to neutralize mix a bowl of ice water and baking soda and rinse nose or submerge nose in bowl for 30 minutes .  Rinse with cold water for 10 minutes after.  Repeat process if needed.  (Optional – repeat daily to receive deeper peel). Wash with dawn to remove built up grease. Air dry and keep area dry – no moisturizer (maybe a sliver of jojoba oil).

Glycolic acid is an inflammatory.  What it does is suck water into the skin cell.  Your nose will bloat.   The salicilic acid will counter the inflammation. After 2-4 days your skin will tighten and nose will shrink returning to normal size a few days after peeling.  Takes of 1/10 of 1mm of skin permanently.  You can repeat immediately after a peel but be prepared for some serious pain.

Stage 3 – Retin - A 1%

Apply twice daily to T-zone area - once after you wake up and shower and once before you sleep.

Your skin will flake and peel till all the extra skin falls off.  The cream will suppress the sebaceaous glands from creating sebum.  Bonus side effect is it removes wrinkles.  Use jojoba oil to moisture face.